Friday, August 2, 2013

Pencil Envy

I envy those writers sitting at their favorite coffee joint typing away.

Trying to find time to write for me is damn near impossible, and of course when I seem to be at my busiest is when the best ideas come to me.

That's why I carry a notebook with me at all times.

My husband laughs at my scribblings and says my notes look like the ramblings of a mad person.

He's not far off.

Trying to go back and convert my notes into meaningful dialogue while dinner is cooking, my toddler hanging off my leg, ESPN newscasters arguing in the background and a dog begging to go out all after a 9 hr work day is another story.

But I can guarantee that if the day came that I found myself at my local coffee joint undisturbed with my laptop and a macchiato, I would stare blankly at my screen until I truly was mad.

But I guess all the best people are.

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